According to the Michigan League for Public Policy, between FY 2001 and FY 2013 Michigan’s spending for corrections rose by 20 percent but dropped by 38 percent for higher education.

Take a look at this report:

Excessive Spending on Incarceration Undermines Educational Opportunity and Public Safety in Communities 

NAACP | April 2011

From the report:

Misplaced Priorities is our report on the country’s overfunding of prisons and underfunding of education. It is a sobering account of how we as a nation are wasting our financial resources on over incarceration while depriving our schools of resources that would help children in some of our most distressed communities—children who, without an adequate education, are at the greatest risk of becoming the next generation of prisoners. We ask you to join our Smart and Safe Campaign to make our education system a priority and eliminate the focus on incarceration. With your help we can elevate awareness and drive change.” Click here to read the full report.