CAPPS is pleased to announce that Barbara Levine, CAPPS’s associate director for research and policy, was appointed by Governor Snyder to the new Criminal Justice Policy Commission.

Levine founded CAPPS in 1998 and served as the organization’s executive director, until she decided to focus on research and policy beginning in 2012.

CAPPS had long advocated for reinstating a sentencing commission. In 2014, Levine gave testimony in support of  HB 5928, then served on the legislative workgroup that developed the final bill language. Public Act 465 (Criminal Justice Policy Commission) was signed into law by Governor on January 10, 2015.

The 17-member commission was established in 2015, and it is responsible for reviewing current sentencing guidelines, exploring alternatives to incarceration, promoting rehabilitation programs and making recommendations to the Legislature. The Commission includes representatives of the Legislature, the attorney general, and 12 members appointed by the Governor.

“These appointees have a wide range of professional experience and I thank them for their willingness to serve on this new commission. I am confident they will provide strong suggestions for ways we can work to improve our criminal justice system,” Snyder said in his April 2, 2015, press release announcing the initial appointments to the Commission.

Bruce Caswell, of Hillsdale, who represents the public on the Commission, will serve as chair. Caswell most recently served as a state senator, representing the 16th District. He also served in the Michigan House of Representatives. Caswell is a retired teacher and superintendent. The governor also announced other initial appointments (see the Governor’s press release, below).

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