CAPPS board member Gary Ashby and Executive Director Laura Sager spoke at two Michigan prisons in January and February.

Gary Ashby, CAPPS board member and volunteer speaker, visited the Thumb Correctional Facility in Lapeer on January 28, 2017. He discussed the policies driving the increase in Michigan’s prison population over the past three decades and the need to support new safety priorities through investing in communities and rehabilitation for prisoners. He also talked about CAPPS’s legislative efforts, including Safe and Smart Parole Reform, and concluded with ways to get involved including joining CAPPS.

Laura Sager, CAPPS’s executive director, was pleased to be invited back to speak to the National Lifer’s Association membership meeting at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility on February 25. She gave members an overview of CAPPS’s policy progress, agenda for 2017, outreach efforts, and answered questions.