In April and May, we reported that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) had proposed rules that would exclude thousands of people from work as or for a provider of Medicaid services. The original policy was proposed in October 2017 and was met with widespread opposition and subsequently withdrawn.

It appears that the revised policy, which was slated to become final on June 1 and effective on July 1, has met with a similar fate. Safe & Just Michigan and numerous organizations in Michigan continue to oppose this proposed policy.

We understand that the Medicaid division of MDHHS continues to support the implementation of a version of this policy. MDHHS may decide on whether to make further revisions to the policy within the next month. We are continuing to advocate against this policy with MDHHS and other policymakers in Lansing.

This policy will unnecessarily cost hundreds of people with criminal histories their jobs and bar thousands more from employment in health care — one of Michigan’s largest industries, and a job sector that already struggles to find enough skilled workers. If you agree with us that this is bad public policy, please join us in letting MDHHS know.

Contact information for their policy office is as follows:

Margo Sharp
Bureau of Medicaid Policy and Health System Innovation Medical Services Administration
P.O. Box 30479
Lansing, MI 48909-7979
Fax: 517.241.8969

Download: Sample MDHHS policy template letter August 2018

We are disappointed to see that MDHHS has continued on this path, and hope that continued advocacy from various stakeholders will help change its perspective.