The Clean Slate for Michigan package is a set of six bills that will transform how expungements are handled in our state. Once passed, they will open up expungement opportunities to more people, allow people to get expungements more quickly than before and automate the process in many cases.

But since each bill handles a different aspect of expungements and law, exactly how the bills fit together can be a bit confusing. For instance, one bill, House Bill 4892 deals solely with expunging convictions for marijuana offenses that would be considered legal now that the use of recreational marijuana has been legalized, while HB 4891 makes it possible to expunge traffic offenses for the first time.

We’ve created this infographic to highlight the different components of the Clean Slate package so that you can see what the bills will do when they are all passed as they are currently written. The bills are currently undergoing the legislative process, which means they can be amended and changed. If that happens, we will keep you updated.

Also — you may be interested to watch a video of testimony from this week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Clean Slate legislation. You can see it here.



~Barbara Wieland
Communications Specialist