On September 10, 2020 Policy Analyst Josh Hoe submitted written testimony to the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee​​ in opposition of Senate Bill (SB) 289, 290, and 291. Hoe states in the written testimony:

There is no evidence that public registries provide a public safety benefit and a large amount of evidence that public registries make our communities less safe. I would humbly suggest that after decades of extensive research the burden of proof should be on proponents of new registries to provide non-anecdotal evidence proving new registries would be effective. Laws based around single, often horrific, case law have historically been counterproductive but hard to amend or rescind. We would strongly suggest not creating a new and expensive legal superstructure that ensnares tens of thousands of Michiganders while we have good reason to believe such a scheme could decrease public safety at great cost to taxpayers. We oppose the passage of this legislative package.


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