On June 18, 2024, Executive Director John S. Cooper and Policy Advocacy Manager Jazmine testified before the House Criminal Justice Committee in support of SB 599.

Parole for medically frail people allows MDOC to (1) focus on its core functions (instead of complex health care needs), (2) transition medically frail people into more appropriate care, and (3) shift the cost of their care from the General Fund to Medicaid (70% federal dollars), or Medicare or private insurance in some cases. 

SB 599 makes important changes to the original Medically Frail Parole statute that are needed to help the original law function as intended. For all these reasons, Safe & Just Michigan supports SB 599 and urges committee members to do so as well.

Download>> SJM Written Testimony in support of SB 599_June_18_2024