Our Vision – Why we do this work

We envision a Michigan in which all are safe in their communities and everyone is responsible for creating accountability, safety and justice.

Our Mission – What we do

We work to advance policies that end Michigan’s over-use of incarceration and promote community safety and healing.

Our Work – Strategies for achieving the mission

We advance evidence-based policies. We build support for reform through research, public education, legislative advocacy, and outreach to diverse communities and stakeholders.

Our Values – As we carry out our work, we are guided by these values:

Community well-being: Healthy communities are essential to a safe and just Michigan.
Equality and equity: Achieving safety and justice requires that everyone has equitable power, access to resources and opportunities, and that we address the harmful impact of current and past criminal justice policies.
Compassion and human dignity: All people deserve to be treated fairly and with compassion. We acknowledge our common humanity while we hold people accountable for their actions.
Leadership: Individuals most harmed and least served by the criminal justice system must inform and guide our reform strategies.
Nonpartisanship and collaboration: Our success, and that of the criminal justice reform movement, requires working with a broad range of strategic and tactical partners.