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Kamau Sandiford, Clean Slate Program Manager

Kamau joined Safe & Just Michigan in 2021 as a Clean Slate program manager. He brings six years of experience as an expungement attorney at the Cooley Law School’s Access to Justice Clinic in Grand Rapids. While there, he saw Michigan’s expungement law expand from being very restrictive to one of the most expansive laws in the country — and the first in the nation to offer the automatic expungement of felonies.

“I saw people convicted of crimes that I didn’t even know were crimes,” Kamau said. “The impact those convictions would have on their day-to-day life was incredible. They were not able to get the housing that they want or the job that they’re seeking, even though they have a conviction that is 20 years old.”

Kamau earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Grand Valley State University in 2010 and graduated with a law degree from Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids in 2014. He was the staff attorney for the Access to Justice Clinic for six years. He has also volunteered with the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild at their expungement fairs.

He lives in West Michigan.