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Gongwer article: Panel: ‘Get In Each Other’s Lanes’ To Aid Former Inmates In Jobs, Housing

Officials with government agencies and private organizations told stakeholders at a Thursday summit that by working together they can better help more formerly incarcerated individuals get back on their feet and lead more productive lives. More funding, whether from government or private sources, would also help according to those sitting on a panel during the [...]

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Safe & Just Michigan Fall 2019 edition – newsletter released

The newsletter reports on policy updates, outreach and educational activities. Download>> SJM Fall 2019 Newsletter Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the SJM e-newsletter on the latest legislative actions.

MIRS news article: Expungement Bills Move To House Floor With Small Changes

Legislation that would allow more people to set-aside qualifying crimes from their records and allow some people to see it happen automatically after 10 years was reported by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. The bills (HB 4980, HB 4981, HB 4982, HB 4983, HB 4984, HB 4985 and HB 5120) mostly moved on 12-1 votes with Rep. Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain) voting no. [...]

MIRS News article: Nessel Gives Detailed Expungement Bill Critique In Person

In a move not common with former Attorney Generals, AG Dana NESSEL personally appeared before the House's Judiciary Committee today to support legislation widening the universe of reformed offenders who can get convictions expunged off their records. The Democratic Attorney General wasn't just making a courtesy call. She didn't read off a sheet of talking points and [...]

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Safe & Just Michigan’s written testimony on Clean Slate bill package

On September 24, 2019 Executive Director John S. Cooper submitted written testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in  Support  of  HB  4980-­‐85  (2019)​​. Safe  &  Just  Michigan  supports  all  of  the  expungement  reform  bills  and the focus of the testimony is on HB 4980  –  the  automatic  expungement,  or  “clean  slate”  bill.  Michigan  already  has [...]

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Safe & Just Michigan’s written testimony on misdemeanor incarceration

On September 20, 2019 Policy Analyst Josh Hoe submitted written testimony to the Mich​igan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration​​. The testimony outlines how Michigan could drastically reduce the state's jail population by simply agreeing to discontinue the practice of incarcerating large numbers people for non-serious misdemeanors. Download>> Testimony Misdemeanor Incarceration

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Gongwer article: Bipartisan Bills Reforming Expungement Process Coming This Week

Legislation expanding the state's expungements laws to allow residents to set aside old and low-level convictions will be introduced in the House this week, lawmakers announced in Detroit and Kalamazoo on Monday. The legislation has been in the works for much of the year and has general support of prosecutors and law enforcement (See Gongwer Michigan [...]

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An effective community strategy: Clean Slate

Everyone makes mistakes, but people who have served their time deserve a second chance. While laws already exist to expunge past criminal convictions, only 6.5 percent of the people eligible take advantage of the process. That’s why Safe & Just Michigan supports Clean Slate legislation, which would remove certain convictions from a person’s record and [...]