The Michigan Department of Corrections by the numbers

The Michigan Department of Corrections has released its 2019 Statistical Report, offering a glimpse into Michigan’s corrections system shortly before the COVID-19 crisis took hold and brought about some significant changes. Some of those changes are visible in a subsequent report to the Michigan Legislature in a January 2021 Budget Briefing document that detail how [...]

MDOC in 2018: By the numbers

Each year, the Michigan Department of Corrections releases a factbook of statistics describing their department, the state prisons and the people who are incarcerated inside them. This year’s factbook, which looks at statistics from 2018, was recently released. Overall, the facts and figures point to continuing trends: Michigan’s prison population continues to fall, while our [...]

Old, sick and expensive: The graying of Michigan’s prison population

Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty, but that doesn’t mean people don’t die in our state’s prisons. In 2017 alone, 106 people died while they were incarcerated in Michigan, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections’ Statistical Report. Many of them were receiving treatment for medical conditions. Things like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and the advanced [...]

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Statistics tell the stories

The Michigan Department of Corrections released its 2017 Statistical Report on Jan. 23, 2019. It releases statistical reports annually, and each year they contain hundreds of pages of facts, figures, charts and tables that help paint the picture of Michigan’s criminal justice system. The information covers topics such as how many people are newly sentenced [...]

House committees: worth a second look

The Michigan House of Representatives has a new speaker this session, Rep. Lee Chatfield (R-Levering), and he has announced that the House committee process will work slightly differently this session than it has in previous years. Until now, bills were sent to any number of standing House committees. Each of these committees had the ability [...]

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Michigan Legislature sets new committee assignments

Both chambers of the Michigan Legislature have appointed members to their committees for the 2019-20 legislative session. These committees are an important part of the legislative process because they act as gatekeepers as bills make their way through the legislative process. Each year, thousands of bills are introduced to the Michigan Legislature by our lawmakers. [...]

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Ojibway prison slated for closure

Yesterday, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) announced the closure of the Ojibway Correctional Facility located in Gogebic County. The nearly 50-year-old facility, originally a camp, was converted to a prison in 2000. The correctional facility is designed to house 1,162 people convicted of low-level offenses. The Ojibway currently has a prison population of less [...]

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A new mission expands our policy work

There is a buzz in our office. It is the excitement from publicly launching our new name, Safe & Just Michigan. As a Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending supporter – aka CAPPS, you likely have received our communications, such as our e-newsletter, discussing the reasons for the change. We would like to provide [...]

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MDOC budget approved by the Governor

The Governor signed the full budget, which outlines the 2018 fiscal year budget for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), on July 14. The final budget is $17.5 million below the budget proposed by the Governor earlier this year.   According to Kyle Kaminski, MDOC legislative liaison, the final budget does not include the closure of prisons or [...]

CAPPS’s 5 principles for cutting corrections costs

1. Protect public safety Do not release individual prisoners who present a demonstrable threat to the public in general or to any particular person Provide evidence-based risk reduction programs to prisoners with severe behavioral problems regardless of their security classification Maximize the opportunity to address people’s needs while they are incarcerated Use validated risk assessment tools and [...]

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