Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC)

Fewer people are going to prison — here’s why

We know by now that Michigan’s prison population is falling. From the high of 51,515 people reached in 2006, our state’s prison population has fallen 23 percent to 39,666 as of the end of 2017. To understand why that is happening, it’s good to examine how that population figure can change. Two things affect that [...]

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Statistics tell the stories

The Michigan Department of Corrections released its 2017 Statistical Report on Jan. 23, 2019. It releases statistical reports annually, and each year they contain hundreds of pages of facts, figures, charts and tables that help paint the picture of Michigan’s criminal justice system. The information covers topics such as how many people are newly sentenced [...]

Michigan Legislature sets new committee assignments

Both chambers of the Michigan Legislature have appointed members to their committees for the 2019-20 legislative session. These committees are an important part of the legislative process because they act as gatekeepers as bills make their way through the legislative process. Each year, thousands of bills are introduced to the Michigan Legislature by our lawmakers. [...]

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A visit to Lakeland Correctional Facility

On Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018, John Cooper, our associate director of policy & research, traveled to Lakeland Correctional Facility to present at the monthly meeting of Chapter #1013 of the National Lifers of America organization (“NLA”).  NLA is a statewide prisoner-based organization with an active membership in many prisons in Michigan. Its purpose is to [...]

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Ojibway prison slated for closure

Yesterday, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) announced the closure of the Ojibway Correctional Facility located in Gogebic County. The nearly 50-year-old facility, originally a camp, was converted to a prison in 2000. The correctional facility is designed to house 1,162 people convicted of low-level offenses. The Ojibway currently has a prison population of less [...]

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Felony firearm in Michigan: A case study in what’s wrong with mandatory minimums

Much of the national criminal justice reform conversation focuses on mandatory minimum sentences because they often result in harsh outcomes for people and our criminal justice system. Mandatory minimums require judges to impose a specific minimum prison sentence whenever someone is convicted of a given crime. This removes the judge’s ability to tailor the sentence [...]

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Parental incarceration: The impact on families and children

This Father’s Day weekend will not be a celebration for every child in Michigan – thousands of children will spend Father’s Day far from their incarcerated fathers. Men comprise about 95 percent of Michigan’s nearly 40,000 incarcerated population. Incarceration creates hardships to maintain family connections. People are often incarcerated far from home making family visits [...]

A call for meaningful treatment and services for the mentally ill

On July 31, veteran service, health, and law enforcement professionals testified before the C.A.R.E.S. Task Force at the Livingston County EMS building in Howell. The presenters outlined a variety of recommendations including specialized services, improved cross-system communication, and increased access to services. Testimony emphasized the need to reduce the involvement of people with mental health [...]

MDOC budget approved by the Governor

The Governor signed the full budget, which outlines the 2018 fiscal year budget for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), on July 14. The final budget is $17.5 million below the budget proposed by the Governor earlier this year.   According to Kyle Kaminski, MDOC legislative liaison, the final budget does not include the closure of prisons or [...]

Bill will allow the MDOC to hire people with prior convictions

Currently, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is prohibited from hiring people with a prior conviction or pending charges. House Bill 4065 (HB 4065), introduced by Rep. David Pagel (R – District 78), removes the prohibition and requires the MDOC to establish a hiring policy for these individuals. The bill does not require the MDOC [...]

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