The power of story

We held a meeting with the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness at the Heartside of Michigan United Way in Grand Rapids and each of our meeting guests took a few minutes to tell their stories. There was a 25-year-old young woman who had been in and out of prison on drug charges, and now needed to [...]

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Supporting veterans by ensuring their needs are met in the justice system

Veterans Day is Nov. 11, but when that day falls on a weekend, as it does in 2018, the federal holiday is also observed in a weekday, which is why Veterans Day is being observed on Nov. 12 this year. Safe & Just Michigan honors the spirit and sacrifice of all the people who wore [...]

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Safe & Just Michigan’s Annual Meeting focuses on moving hearts and minds

Solving the problem of how to get more people to get on board with criminal justice reform was the theme of the night at Safe & Just Michigan’s Annual Membership Meeting and dinner, held Thursday, Oct. 18 at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing. The event, attended by nearly 200 people, featured speakers Leon El-Alamin from [...]

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Only one was sentenced, but a whole Michigan family does time in “The Sentence,” a documentary on HBO

Rudy Valdez didn’t intend to create an award-winning documentary when he picked up a camera and started filming his niece preparing for her first dance recital. All he wanted to do was capture the moment for the girl’s mother — Rudy’s older sister, Cindy Shank — who had just been sentenced to 15 years in [...]

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Detroit Community Meeting – Sharing stories, planning for the future

September brought great legislative advancements to the cause of criminal justice reform in Michigan, such as the passage of objective parole, the governor’s decision to ban the box on state job applications and movement toward raising the age for 17-year-olds charged with crimes. Those topics were covered at the most recent Detroit Community Meeting held [...]

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Parental incarceration: The impact on families and children

This Father’s Day weekend will not be a celebration for every child in Michigan – thousands of children will spend Father’s Day far from their incarcerated fathers. Men comprise about 95 percent of Michigan’s nearly 40,000 incarcerated population. Incarceration creates hardships to maintain family connections. People are often incarcerated far from home making family visits [...]

A new mission expands our policy work

There is a buzz in our office. It is the excitement from publicly launching our new name, Safe & Just Michigan. As a Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending supporter – aka CAPPS, you likely have received our communications, such as our e-newsletter, discussing the reasons for the change. We would like to provide [...]

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Detroit wants improved health and safety through improved systems

On September 11, health and law enforcement professionals testified before the House C.A.R.E.S. (Community, Access, Resources, Education, and Safety) Task Force at the Team Wellness Center in Detroit. The Team Wellness Center provides an array of comprehensive behavioral and physical health services in an environment that promotes quality of life, continuous improvement, and social awareness. [...]

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Pulitzer prize winning author headlines 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

November 2 was a powerful and moving evening!  The 2017 CAPPS Annual Membership Meeting and dinner attracted over 200 people from across the state, including representatives from across the political spectrum, including business and community leaders, formerly incarcerated people and their families, crime survivors, and faith communities. The event featured author Dr. Heather Ann Thompson [...]

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A request for access, sustainability, and trauma services

The August 29 C.A.R.E.S. Task Force hearing was in Auburn Hills at the Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN). OCHN professionals, Oakland County Law enforcement, local leaders, and public health representatives from the private and public sector offered solutions for improved mental health services. National and local crime survivor advocates shared personal stories and urged enactment [...]

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