Bill allows for parole of the medically frail

The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) estimates that as many as 850 people under their supervision are medically frail. Medically frail people are unable to perform basic tasks of daily living without assistance and are often unable to get dressed, use the bathroom, or eat on their own. These people are so frail that they [...]

Senate package of criminal justice bills passes Senate

The Senate package is a set of criminal justice bills spearheaded by John Proos (R – Saint Joseph), with a number of legislators as sponsors of individual bills. The package was quickly passed on February 2 in the Senate within two weeks  of being introduced. Click here to read CAPPS full analysis of the Senate Package. The House Michigan [...]

HB 4138, the Smart and Safe parole reform bill, is expected to move forward before the end of this year

The Smart and Safe parole reform bill, HB 4138, passed the House in June and is currently pending in the Senate Government Operations Committee. The bill is expected to move forward before the end of this legislative session in December. CAPPS will be sending out notices via email to all our members and supporters when the [...]

UPDATE: Judicial veto reform bill (HB 5273) pending in Senate Judiciary Committee

Download>> HB 5273: Judicial veto bill written testimony We are extremely grateful to all the organizations and individuals who submitted testimony in support of the "judicial veto" reform bill. This is an important step forward for a long overdue reform. Details about the bill HB 5273, sponsored by Rep. Dave Pagel (R-Oronoko Twp.) eliminates the [...]

UPDATE: Medical parole package (5078, 5079, 5081) pending in Senate Judiciary Committee

On February 17, the House Appropriations Committee voted to approve an amended package of medical parole bills, HB 5078, 5079. and 5081. The full House of Representatives voted out the three CAPPS-supported bills on May 4, 2016. The bills were then referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they are still pending after an initial "no" [...]

Update: “Proos” criminal justice reform package now pending in House Criminal Justice Committee

Senator John Proos (R - Saint Joseph) is spearheading an 18-bill package of criminal justice reforms. The multi-bill “Proos package” was introduced on May 3 and referred to the Senate Committee on Michigan Competitiveness, chaired by Senator Mike Shirkey (R-Jackson). The Senate voted the entire package out by broad majorities in June 2016. The bills are [...]

Medical parole bills pass the House by 95-13 on May 4; still pending in Senate Judiciary

Download>> HB 5078, 5079, 5081 written testimony After passing the House by an overwhelming bipartisan 95-13 vote, the medical parole package stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 24. Republican Senators Colbeck, Shuitmaker and Rocca cast the three “no” votes on the five-member committee. However, the Committee also agreed to reconsider the vote at [...]

Senate Bill 689 would move prisoners to county jails; CAPPS report details how this impacts prisoners and their families

Text of SB 689 Several years ago, the MDOC adopted a new policy of housing selected prisoners in county jails.  The initial Director’s Office Memorandum (DOM) provided that anyone classified at security Level 1 who was serving a flat sentence for an offense other than criminal sexual conduct could be sent to serve their time in [...]

Judicial veto bill (HB 5273) introduced by Rep. Pagel

Judicial veto bill (HB 5273) CAPPS has long worked to address the parole review procedures that have kept parolable lifers incarcerated long past their first parole eligibility date, regardless of their current risk to public safety. HB 5273, introduced by Rep. Pagel and cosponsored by Rep. Howrylak and referred to the House Judiciary Committee, would [...]

Medical parole bills introduced; CAPPS testimony

In November, HB 5078-5080 were introduced in the House of Representatives and sent to the Appropriations Committee, which would allow the parole board to grant medical paroles to people who are physically or mentally incapacitated. The bills, sponsored by Reps. Pscholka, Pagel, and others, establish the process by which the parole board can consider and [...]

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