Mental health

Prisons rethink isolation, saving money, lives and sanity

By Erica Goode, New York Times News | Corrections spending | Mental illness | Solitary confinement | March 10, 2012 PARCHMAN, Miss. — The heat was suffocating, and the inmates locked alone in cells in Unit 32, the state’s super-maximum-security prison, wiped away sweat as they lay on concrete slab beds. Kept in solitary confinement [...]

Mentally ill get punishment instead of treatment

News | Mental illness | February 5, 2012 By Jeff Gerritt, Detroit Free Press columnist Criminal Negligence: This is the first in an occasional series of columns and editorials on mental illness and Michigan's criminal justice and mental health care system. On Jan. 10 of last year, corrections officers at Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility found [...]

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