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Fact Sheet: Get to know Safe & Just Michigan

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Safe & Just Michigan Fall 2018 edition – newsletter released

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Safe & Just Michigan releases July 2018 e-newsletter

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Michigan prison system: Basic facts

This document provides an overview of Michigan’s prison system, including data about: population growth, the number of prisoners in 2012, incarceration rate, corrections spending, prisoner demographics and parole rates. In 30 years, Michigan’s prison population grew at 29 times the rate of its total population. Read>> 2013 Basic facts about Michigan's prison system

Growth in Michigan’s corrections system: Historical and comparative perspectives

Report | Corrections spending | Prison population | June 2008 By the Citizens Research Council of Michigan   Today, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is the largest program that state government operates directly, accounting for nearly 20 percent ($2 billion) of the current discretionary General Fund – General Purpose budget and employing nearly one- [...]

Audit report: Performance of the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative (MPRI), Michigan Department of Corrections

Report | Reentry | February 2012 By Thomas H. McTavish, C.P.A., Office of the Auditor General This report contains the report summary; description of services; audit objective, scope, and methodology and agency responses; comment, findings, recommendations, and agency preliminary responses; three exhibits, presented as supplemental information; and a glossary of acronyms and terms. The agency [...]

State should resist reopening Baldwin prison

News | Privatization | February 27, 2012 Pressure is mounting to reopen privately run Baldwin facility, despite decline in Michigan's inmate population. Lawmakers are understandably frustrated about setbacks in their effort to reduce prison costs but shouldn't be too quick to jump at a proposal for reopening a moribund, privately owned facility near Baldwin in [...]

Capitol conundrum: Fewer inmates, same high costs

By Peter Luke, Bridge Magazine correspondent News | Corrections spending | February 7, 2012 Round numbers can provoke course corrections because they are easier to understand and, if large enough, shock the system. Here are a couple: 50,000 and $2 billion. The first is the inmate population barrier breached at the Michigan Department of Corrections [...]

CAPPS Consensus Newsletter – Spring 2012

Read>> CAPPS Consensus Spring 2012 ● FY 2013 budget proposals.  See page 16. ● Guest Columns in Center for Michigan’s Bridge magazine Barbara Levine, on impact of cuts on prisoners, families.  See page 4; Richard Stapleton, on presumptive parole.  See page 5; Paul Reingold, on parolable lifers.  Seep page 6. ● Bill to reform judicial veto [...]