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HB 4138, the Smart and Safe parole reform bill, is expected to move forward before the end of this year

The Smart and Safe parole reform bill, HB 4138, passed the House in June and is currently pending in the Senate Government Operations Committee. The bill is expected to move forward before the end of this legislative session in December. CAPPS will be sending out notices via email to all our members and supporters when the [...]

Update: “Proos” criminal justice reform package now pending in House Criminal Justice Committee

Senator John Proos (R - Saint Joseph) is spearheading an 18-bill package of criminal justice reforms. The multi-bill “Proos package” was introduced on May 3 and referred to the Senate Committee on Michigan Competitiveness, chaired by Senator Mike Shirkey (R-Jackson). The Senate voted the entire package out by broad majorities in June 2016. The bills are [...]

Answers to Questions about House Bill 4138: The “Presumptive Parole” Bill

1. Will HB 4138 change the basic parole process in Michigan? Not at all.  Parole guidelines that have been in effect since 1992 assess the risk of a prisoner reoffending.  The statute has always said that prisoners being considered for parole who score low risk on the guidelines should be released unless the parole board [...]

Evidence-based parole reform bill (HB 4138) is an important step forward

Download>> CAPPS HB 4138 summary CAPPS has long worked to establish a presumption of parole for prisoners who are a low risk to public safety. On June 16, the House Criminal Justice Committee voted 7-1 to report a bill to the House Floor that establishes a statutory presumption of parole under certain circumstances. HB 4138 (H-4) [...]

Why CAPPS opposes HB 5931 (H-2)

Three steps forward and one giant step backward for criminal justice reform:  The package of criminal justice reform bills that emerged from the Council of State Government process (HB 5928, 5929, 5930 and 5931) is pending action in the Senate. CAPPS endorses three bills in the package: HB 5928, 5929 and 5930. The bills would [...]

Require the parole board to release people when they first become eligible – new fact sheets!

For nearly two decades, much of the growth in Michigan's prison system was caused by a decline in parole grant rates.  Thousands of prisoners with good institutional records who had served their minimum sentences were denied release annually.   The size, and thus the cost, of the prison system depend on how many people enter [...]

SB 1214 stalls after amendment

Issue background | CAPPS In the 2011-2012 legislative session, Sen. Rick Jones, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced SB 1214. The bill would have added the Attorney General to the list of parties who can appeal a decision to grant parole, along with the county prosecutor and the victim. However, thanks to CAPPS and [...]

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