Clean Slate Year 3 Report Released – April 11, 2024

Safe & Just Michigan's report, “Clean Slate Year 3: The First Year of Automatic Expungements — Looking Back and Looking Ahead,” outlines both the successes and challenges encountered since Clean Slate became a reality in Michigan. Clean Slate widened the petition process for expungement on April 11, 2021, by making more convictions eligible for expungement [...]

Many positive changes in MDOC budget for FY 2017

MDOC Budget Highlights FY 2017 The FY 2016-17 MDOC budget of $2,002,729,000 was adopted by the legislative conference committee on June 1, 2016.  Several aspects are of particular interest to members and supporters: The prisoner population has declined to 42,416.  As a result, the MDOC has closed housing units at various facilities.  Effective at the [...]

CAPPS releases statewide poll; strong public support for reform

New Statewide Poll Shows Broad, Bipartisan Support for Smarter Justice; public overwhelmingly supports presumptive parole, other reforms OCTOBER 1 - Today the Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending (CAPPS) released a new poll showing broad, bipartisan support for corrections reform measures currently moving through the Michigan House of Representatives. “This poll shows Michiganders strongly agree [...]

The debate about criminal justice reform: CAPPS analyzes PAAM report

CAPPS’s June report, 10,000 Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal, detailed about two-dozen recommendations for safely reducing the Michigan prison population. Each recommendation is supported by relevant data and policy information. The report has been hailed as a “roadmap for legislators” by both conservative and liberal commentators and has received widespread editorial and media [...]

The Rise in State Prison Populations

Off the Charts Blog | The Rise in State Prison Populations Posted by Michael Mitchell December 3, 2014 at 10:01 am Most states’ prison populations are at historic highs after decades of extraordinary growth. This growth has been costly, limiting economic opportunity for communities with especially high incarceration rates and taking critical resources from other important [...]

Infographic: States cut both crime and imprisonment

An infographic from Dec 2013 from the Pew Center on the States: Over the past five years, the majority of states reduced both crime and imprisonment rates. The relationship between crime and incarceration is complex, but states are showing that it is possible to reduce them at the same time. See Michigan and other states' info [...]

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CAPPS presentation: Safely reducing corrections spending – Key concepts and major myths

This CAPPS presentation exposes the key myths that continue to drive our costly and ineffective approaches to public safety. Safely reducing corrections spending: Key concepts and major myths demonstrates how CAPPS's proposed reforms could save Michigan hundreds of millions of dollars annually, which could then be reinvested in education and services proven to reduce crime. Click [...]

Facts, not headlines, should drive corrections policy

“The recent Free Press series (“Free to kill”) is sensationalized, misleading and unbalanced. Before policymakers react, it is crucial that they assess the content realistically and place the implications in a meaningful context.  The inflammatory image of large numbers of released prisoners roaming the streets assaulting and murdering citizens at will is wholly unsupported by [...]

Misleading Free Press headlines should not drive corrections policy

By Barbara Levine, Executive Director, Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending The recent Free Press series and its sensational headlines suggest that large numbers of released prisoners are roaming the streets assaulting and murdering citizens at will. Fortunately, the evidence does not support this extreme conclusion. Unfortunately, the disturbing image is what the public [...]