EPIC-MRA polling results release

CAPPS research | Public opinion | Polling | Corrections spending | Investing in prevention | 2004 In its monthly statewide omnibus survey for September 2004, EPIC ▪ MRA included a battery of questions commissioned by the Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending. A solid majority of Michigan voters preferred investing more resources in crime [...]

Corrections budget: A failure to plan for the future

Report | Corrections spending | Investing in prevention | February 2012 By the Michigan League for Human Services Our priorities as a state are reflected every year in the enacted state budget. Investing in our communities on the front end benefits everyone by working toward an educated workforce, reliable infrastructure, safe neighborhoods and healthy families. [...]

Audit report: Performance of the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative (MPRI), Michigan Department of Corrections

Report | Reentry | February 2012 By Thomas H. McTavish, C.P.A., Office of the Auditor General This report contains the report summary; description of services; audit objective, scope, and methodology and agency responses; comment, findings, recommendations, and agency preliminary responses; three exhibits, presented as supplemental information; and a glossary of acronyms and terms. The agency [...]

Increased prisoner telephone rates: a summary of the issues

CAPPS Analysis | June 2011   CAPPS and MICURE examined a telephone contract that nearly doubled prisoner telephone rates. Prisoner contact with family and friends is essential to successful reintegration and thus, a smaller prison population.  However, a contract with a new telephone vendor nearly doubled the phone rates.  CAPPS and MI-CURE analyzed the bidding [...]

CAPPS critiques CSG report: Policy options to deter crime, lower recidivism, and reduce spending on corrections

In 2009, the Council of State Governments's (CSG) Justice Policy Center provided a range of policy options for Michigan policymakers. CAPPS opposed many of these recommendations. You will find our critique of the Council of State Governments's report in the materials and testimony below.  Read>> Policy options to deter crime, lower recidivism, and reduce spending on corrections [...]