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Michigan Bar Journal article: Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough

Barbara Levine, the founder of CAPPS, is a featured author in the Michigan Bar Journal September 2017 issue. Levine’s article, Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough, outlines policies the legislature could adopt to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population. A more detailed examination can be found in CAPPS 2015 report, 10,000 Michigan prisoners: Strategies to [...]

A Blueprint for Shared Safety: Working together to build safety for all

In June 2017, the Californians for Safety and Justice (CSJ) released a publication titled, Blueprint for Shared Safety. The Blueprint is based on a year of research and evaluation of its own and others’ successes in putting crime survivors and public safety at the center of their work. The Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), CAPPS's partner, is [...]

A Matter of Time: Urban Institute’s new interactive website

On July 13, 2017, Urban Institute released a new study called, A Matter of Time: The Causes and Consequences of Rising Time Served in America’s Prisons. The project, funded by Open Society Foundations, provides state-by-state analysis of prison population demographics and length of time served. This new resource features audio recordings that highlight expertise and personal insights from [...]

39% of people incarcerated with little public safety rationale, study says

The Brennan Center has released a three-year research project that compared federal and state criminal laws with convictions and sentences of the nation's prisoners, and determined that 39 percent of them are behind bars for "no compelling public safety reason." Read more about the study's findings  at the ABA Journal here, or take a look at the [...]

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First national report on crime survivors’ views on safety and justice

CAPPS works closely with the California-based Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), which is organizing crime survivors in support of new safety priorities. ASJ is a national organization that partners with state-based organizations like CAPPS to help advance state reform. ASJ conducted an in depth survey on the views of crime survivors called Crime Survivors Speak. It is the [...]

June 2015 CAPPS report: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal

New CAPPS report lays out roadmap to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population On June 11,  CAPPS  announced the release of a new report titled: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal. This report examines the key factors that led to a striking increase in Michigan’s prison population over the last three decades, and recommends a [...]

NEW REPORT: Incarceration Had Limited Impact on Crime Decline

What Caused the Crime Decline? Brennan Center for Justice | Dr. Oliver Roeder, Lauren-Brooke Eisen, and Julia Bowling Executive Summary For the past 40 years, the United States has been engaged in a vast, costly social experiment. It has incarcerated a higher percentage of its people, and for a longer period, than any other democracy. In [...]

NEW REPORT Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System

Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System by The Sentencing Project “Black lives matter” has become a rallying cry in light of evidence that the criminal justice system is failing to uphold this basic truth. Official data, although woefully inadequate, show that over half of those killed by police in recent [...]

Sentence Creep: Increasing Penalties in Michigan and the Need for Sentencing Reform

Anne Yantus, University of Detroit-Mercy School of Law | 2014 Abstract The governor and several legislators have requested review of Michigan’s sentencing practices with an eye toward sentence reform. Michigan leads the country in the average length of prison stay, and by internal comparisons the average minimum sentence has nearly doubled in the last decade. [...]

New CAPPS report: Paroling people who committed serious crimes: What is the actual risk?

Click here to download pdf of the full report: Paroling people who committed serious crimes: What is the actual risk? We can safely parole hundreds of people who committed very serious crimes. CAPPS's new report, using Michigan Department of Corrections data on returns to prison for new crimes, echoes decades of research in Michigan and other jurisdictions [...]