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Michigan Bar Journal article: Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough

Barbara Levine, the founder of CAPPS, is a featured author in the Michigan Bar Journal September 2017 issue. Levine’s article, Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough, outlines policies the legislature could adopt to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population. A more detailed examination can be found in CAPPS 2015 report, 10,000 Michigan prisoners: Strategies to [...]

A Matter of Time: Urban Institute’s new interactive website

On July 13, 2017, Urban Institute released a new study called, A Matter of Time: The Causes and Consequences of Rising Time Served in America’s Prisons. The project, funded by Open Society Foundations, provides state-by-state analysis of prison population demographics and length of time served. This new resource features audio recordings that highlight expertise and personal insights from [...]

June 2015 CAPPS report: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal

New CAPPS report lays out roadmap to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population On June 11,  CAPPS  announced the release of a new report titled: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal. This report examines the key factors that led to a striking increase in Michigan’s prison population over the last three decades, and recommends a [...]

Detroit Free Press: “Time for Michigan Legislature to give juvenile lifers a 2nd chance”

Former chief judges publish guest column pleading the Michigan Legislature to give juvenile lifers a 2nd chance Detroit Free Press August 7th, 2014 Detroit Free PressIn 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Miller v. Alabama that giving a mandatory life without parole sentence to a teen violates the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual [...]

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Detroit News OP ED by former warden: Beyond the ‘possibility’ of parole

Read what one former MDOC warden has to say about parolable lifers:By Carol Howes | Detroit News | Opinion Editorial | April 1, 2014  During my more than three decades of service with the Michigan Department of Corrections, I watched as hundreds of prisoners who had committed very serious offenses in their youth matured into thoughtful and [...]

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The Toledo Blade weighs in: Michigan needs to reform the parole review process for lifers

Locked Out Editorial published by the Toledo Blade February, 24, 2014 For more than three decades, Michigan, Ohio, and most other states have engaged in a costly and futile race to incarcerate. It has quadrupled their prison populations and cost them hundreds of millions of dollars a year, with no demonstrable effect on crime.Ohio’s prison [...]

Report Says Parole Systems Costs Taxpayers Millions

Another news story on the CAPPS reports released Feb 12, 2014 (see reports this website). Note that a survey by the Prisons and Corrections Section of the State Bar of Michigan documented judges' intentions in sentencing parolable lifers. You can find that survey on this website at : By Rick Pluta | | February [...]

Citizens group urges parole reforms to save Michigan $17M annually

Another good article on the reports CAPPS released Feb. 12, 2014 (see In the News) Citizens group urges parole reforms to save Michigan $17M annually By Gary Heinlein | Detroit News | Feb. 12, 2014  Lansing— The state is wasting up to $17 million a year keeping 850 aging and sick life-sentenced inmates imprisoned rather than [...]