Safe & Just Michigan Spring 2019 edition – newsletter released

The newsletter reports on ‘Clean Slate', a new SJM team member and analysis of data from the Michigan Department of Corrections. It provides updates on SJM outreach and educational efforts. Download>> SJM Spring 2019 Newsletter Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the SJM e-newsletter on the latest legislative actions.

Fact Sheet: Get to know Safe & Just Michigan

To learn more about Safe & Just Michigan, our one-page fact sheet. Download>> Get to know Safe & Just Michigan fact sheet

Safe & Just Michigan releases July 2018 e-newsletter

Click on the link below to read our July 26, 2018 e-newsletter. Download: Safe & Just Michigan July 2018 e-newsletter Stay connected with Safe & Just Michigan for the latest information on local, state, and national community safety and justice solutions. Sign up for our monthly electronic newsletter HERE.

Michigan Art for Justice Forum videos

On April 3, the Prison Creative Arts Project at the University of Michigan presented the Michigan Art for Justice Forum, a day-long symposium attended by a wide range of stakeholders. The Michigan Art for Justice Forum is produced by the Lawyers for the Creative Economy program of Creative Many Michigan, Shakespeare Behind Bars in collaboration [...]

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Michigan Bar Journal article: Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough

Barbara Levine, the founder of CAPPS, is a featured author in the Michigan Bar Journal September 2017 issue. Levine’s article, Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough, outlines policies the legislature could adopt to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population. A more detailed examination can be found in CAPPS 2015 report, 10,000 Michigan prisoners: Strategies to [...]

A Matter of Time: Urban Institute’s new interactive website

On July 13, 2017, Urban Institute released a new study called, A Matter of Time: The Causes and Consequences of Rising Time Served in America’s Prisons. The project, funded by Open Society Foundations, provides state-by-state analysis of prison population demographics and length of time served. This new resource features audio recordings that highlight expertise and personal insights from [...]

Barbara Levine, associate director, featured on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

How Personal Data and Algorithms Send People to Prison How much control do we give data and algorithms over our lives? Should they be able to determine how long an inmate stays behind bars? These questions are at the heart of a recent New York Times article on a state supreme court case in Wisconsin, wherein [...]

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CAPPS UPDATE – March 2017 newsletter released!

  Download the most recent March 2017 CAPPS Update newsletter. The newsletter updates the judicial veto bill, "Proos criminal justice package", and legislation designed to amend the Public Health Code. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the CAPPS e-newsletter on the latest legislative actions.  

39% of people incarcerated with little public safety rationale, study says

The Brennan Center has released a three-year research project that compared federal and state criminal laws with convictions and sentences of the nation's prisoners, and determined that 39 percent of them are behind bars for "no compelling public safety reason." Read more about the study's findings  at the ABA Journal here, or take a look at the [...]

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CAPPS UPDATE – Fall 2016 newsletter is ready!

There's a lot happening  in the legislature this fall. Download the most recent Fall 2016 CAPPS UPDATE newsletter. Inside the newsletter you'll find updates on the judicial veto bill, medical parole package, and Smart and Safe parole reform. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the email alerts, and messages on the latest legislative actions.