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Barbara Wieland
Safe & Just Michigan

Cassie Larrieux, Senior Research Specialist

Safe & Just Michigan welcomed Cassie Larrieux to our team in 2022 as our senior research specialist. She brings 19 years of experience in the public health field as an epidemiologist, working in diverse settings, including state government, local public health, and healthcare.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a focus on molecular biology and a master’s degree in public health from Florida A&M University.

Cassie was born and raised in New York City, where she witnessed firsthand her immigrant mother’s work hard as a nurse to send her to a private school, but it wasn’t enough to reach the American dream. Cassie experienced both poverty and domestic violence growing up. Those experiences fuel her desire to create positive change in the lives of others.

“I see this as an extension of my work in public health. Interaction with the criminal justice system is a social determinant of health. So much of what is necessary to live a healthy and productive life is adversely affected by an arrest or a conviction of someone in the household.”

At Safe & Just Michigan, she is tasked with gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data to support our policy goals. Cassie also wants data to be actionable and reflective of the communities it represents.

She lives in Lansing.