Court sentences: fair and equal?

If you are ever standing before a judge to be sentenced in Michigan the least you’d hope for is a fair and impartial hearing. You’d never want a judge to decide whether to send you to prison, and for how long, based on factors such as whether you were able to afford your own attorney, [...]

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Supporting veterans by ensuring their needs are met in the justice system

Veterans Day is Nov. 11, but when that day falls on a weekend, as it does in 2018, the federal holiday is also observed in a weekday, which is why Veterans Day is being observed on Nov. 12 this year. Safe & Just Michigan honors the spirit and sacrifice of all the people who wore [...]

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Southwest Michigan calls for improved mental health services

On August 17 the C.A.R.E.S. Task Force hosted a meeting at the Hope Network office in Grand Rapids. Hope Network is an organization providing services that improve the independence of vulnerable populations. Rep. Kesto (R – District 39) opened the hearing by saying that he is seeking “insightful and cutting edge policy recommendations that makes [...]

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A call for meaningful treatment and services for the mentally ill

On July 31, veteran service, health, and law enforcement professionals testified before the C.A.R.E.S. Task Force at the Livingston County EMS building in Howell. The presenters outlined a variety of recommendations including specialized services, improved cross-system communication, and increased access to services. Testimony emphasized the need to reduce the involvement of people with mental health [...]

Law and Justice Committee hears testimony on how to reduce the number of mentally ill in prisons

On May 23, the House of Representatives Law and Justice Committee, heard testimony on how to reduce the number of mentally ill in prison. Judge Milton L. Mack, Jr., state court administrator, State Court Administrative Office, offered recommendations to improve the mental health system. Mack began his testimony by stressing that mental illness is treatable, [...]

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