Thank you for your support throughout the reform debates!

Here’s a quick summary of the outcome with links to the bills:

  • A Senate substitute  bill (S-9) for House Bill 5928 creates a Criminal Justice Policy Commission with a four-year sunset provision. 2014-HCB-5928
  • Unfortunately, reforms of repeat offender sentencing that were included in HB 5928 were not included in the substitute bill.
  • HB 5931 (H-2) was defeated. 2014-HEBH-5931
  • The Swift and Sure Sanctions bill, HB 5930, also did not pass the Senate. 2014-HEBH-5930
  • A bill that updates the language in the Community Corrections Act, HB 5929, did pass. 2014-HCB-5929
  • The two bills that passed now go to the Governor for his signature.

A related article from MLIVE.COM —  ‘Watered down’ parole and probation reforms fail, but 2 criminal justice bills head to governor’s desk: Criminal Justice Reforms

CAPPS takes on some of the toughest criminal justice policy issues and our victories do not come easily. The Attorney General was particularly opposed to any form of parole reform.

While we are disappointed that the parole reform stalled, the debate on parole reform moved further ahead than ever before. In addition, the new Criminal Justice Policy Commission could help tip the balance toward evidence-based sentencing and parole policies, if we work to make it happen. CAPPS will continue fighting for parole reform in the coming year.

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