On February 6, John Cooper, CAPPS policy director, leaders of two Michigan business associations, a crime survivor organization, a faith coalition, and a conservative interest group testified before the House of Representatives Law and Justice Committee in support of HB 5377. John Cooper, CAPPS policy director, provided written testimony as time was limited.

Currently, incarcerated people who are eligible for parole undergo a rigorous risk assessment by the parole board. By law, board members can only deny parole for “substantial and compelling” reasons when individuals’ scores indicate they are a low risk to public safety.  Unfortunately, the law did not define those reasons.

HB 5377, sponsored by Representative Klint Kesto (R – District 39), defines “substantial and compelling” reasons for parole denials. The bill creates an objective parole process while preserving the parole board’s ability to deny parole to any individual for objective safety concerns.

Read John Cooper’s full written testimony on the House Law and Justice Committee website HERE.

Download>> Our HB 5377 written testimony