AFSC testifies about seriously and persistently mentally ill in prison

On June 6, Natalie Holbrook, program director of the American Friends Service Committee’s Michigan Criminal Justice Program, provided recommendations to House Law and Justice Committee members about the difficulty in reducing the number of mentally ill prisoners in prison.  The AFSC focuses on reducing Michigan’s prison population through individual advocacy and casework with prisoners building [...]

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Law and Justice Committee hears testimony on how to reduce the number of mentally ill in prisons

On May 23, the House of Representatives Law and Justice Committee, heard testimony on how to reduce the number of mentally ill in prison. Judge Milton L. Mack, Jr., state court administrator, State Court Administrative Office, offered recommendations to improve the mental health system. Mack began his testimony by stressing that mental illness is treatable, [...]

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Barbara Levine appointed to new Michigan Criminal Justice Policy Commission

CAPPS is pleased to announce that Barbara Levine, CAPPS's associate director for research and policy, was appointed by Governor Snyder to the new Criminal Justice Policy Commission. Levine founded CAPPS in 1998 and served as the organization's executive director, until she decided to focus on research and policy beginning in 2012. CAPPS had long advocated for reinstating [...]

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