Michigan Public Radio’s Jake Neher recently interviewed CAPPS Executive Director Laura Sager and Board member Monica Jahner. They discussed how Michigan’s parole policies contribute to our $2 billion annual corrections budget, by keeping people incarcerated far longer than necessary for public safety:


Michigan’s inmates stay in prison longer than those in any of the 35 states Pew Research Center studied in 2012.

For Monica Jahner, that meant spending 28 years of her life behind bars. She was sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to commit murder in 1978. No one died in her case.

But Jahner doesn’t see herself as a victim. She says she spent those 28 years in prison trying to improve her life and the lives of fellow inmates.


Read or listen to the entire story here:  www.michiganradio.org/post/overhauling-michigans-parole-system-could-save-taxpayers-millions