Michigan Art for Justice Forum videos

On April 3, the Prison Creative Arts Project at the University of Michigan presented the Michigan Art for Justice Forum, a day-long symposium attended by a wide range of stakeholders. The Michigan Art for Justice Forum is produced by the Lawyers for the Creative Economy program of Creative Many Michigan, Shakespeare Behind Bars in collaboration [...]

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Violence, accountability, and restoration: A conversation with Danielle Sered

As Danielle Sered notes in her recent report, Accounting for violence: How to increase safety and break our failed reliance on mass incarceration, since 53 percent of the people incarcerated in the U.S. were convicted of assaultive crimes we will not end mass incarceration in this country unless we address the problem of violence. On [...]

Common Justice Accounting for Violence event ready for viewing

On April 11, 2017 CAPPS Executive Director Laura Sager joined a wide range of national experts in New York for a series of panel discussions on Accounting for Violence: How to Increase Safety and Reduce Our Failed Reliance on Mass Incarceration. The event was convened by Common Justice, a program of the Vera Institute. It [...]

New ASJ video highlights failed investments in incarceration over education.

The Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) is national partner for CAPPS in the fight for new safety priorities.  Since 1985, state spending on prisons has grown seven times faster than spending on higher education. ASJ premiered “What You Invest in Grows,” to highlight our misplaced spending priorities and re imagine how we could invest the [...]

Alliance for Safety and Justice video on New Safety Priorities – CAPPS’s Board member featured

CAPPS works closely with the Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) a newly-formed national organization. ASJ is providing CAPPS with resources it needs to carry out a comprehensive reform campaign. In addition, CAPPS and ASJ are working together on public education and outreach to better address the needs of crime survivors, especially those in communities hardest hit by crime [...]

CAPPS video: The meaning of “life” – Restoring fairness to Michigan’s prison system

The CAPPS video below was produced a number of years ago, but the problems it addresses are still current today. At the time this video was made, there were about 850 parolable lifers that were years, or decades, past their first parole eligibility date. Today, there are about 860 parolable lifers beyond their first parole [...]