Gongwer article: Criminal Justice Reform A Shift From Tough-On-Crime Era Of ’80s, ’90s

A major policy shift on criminal justice laws is taking place, sweeping aside the tough-on-crime stances of the 1980s and 1990s and replacing it with an increased focus on rehabilitation, lowering recidivism and preparing offenders for life beyond a cell upon their release. Now, lawmakers are taking a step back and shifting from locking people [...]

Safe & Just Michigan Spring 2019 edition – newsletter released

The newsletter reports on ‘Clean Slate', a new SJM team member and analysis of data from the Michigan Department of Corrections. It provides updates on SJM outreach and educational efforts. Download>> SJM Spring 2019 Newsletter Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the SJM e-newsletter on the latest legislative actions.

Fact Sheet: Get to know Safe & Just Michigan

To learn more about Safe & Just Michigan, our one-page fact sheet. Download>> Get to know Safe & Just Michigan fact sheet

Michigan Bar Journal article: Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough

Barbara Levine, the founder of CAPPS, is a featured author in the Michigan Bar Journal September 2017 issue. Levine’s article, Too many prisoners: Undoing the legacy of getting too tough, outlines policies the legislature could adopt to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population. A more detailed examination can be found in CAPPS 2015 report, 10,000 Michigan prisoners: Strategies to [...]

CAPPS UPDATE – Fall 2016 newsletter is ready!

There's a lot happening  in the legislature this fall. Download the most recent Fall 2016 CAPPS UPDATE newsletter. Inside the newsletter you'll find updates on the judicial veto bill, medical parole package, and Smart and Safe parole reform. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the email alerts, and messages on the latest legislative actions.  

Barbara Levine: WKAR interview on pending criminal justice reform bills

Barbara Levine, CAPPS associate director for research and policy, explained the criminal justice reform bills in this 12-minute WKAR interview. While the medical parole and judicial veto bills have since passed the full House (see post), the interview provides a detailed explanation of the bills and their impact. Very much worth listening to and passing on! WKAR [...]

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CAPPS releases statewide poll; strong public support for reform

New Statewide Poll Shows Broad, Bipartisan Support for Smarter Justice; public overwhelmingly supports presumptive parole, other reforms OCTOBER 1 - Today the Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending (CAPPS) released a new poll showing broad, bipartisan support for corrections reform measures currently moving through the Michigan House of Representatives. “This poll shows Michiganders strongly agree [...]

Judy Putnam: Report offers ways to slim prison ranks

Sunday’s Lansing State Journal column by Judy Putnam discusses the conservative and liberal support for CAPPS’s recommendations; you can thank the author at Jputnam@Lsj.com or comment online. Judy Putnam: Report offers ways to slim prison ranks Lansing State Journal | July 11, 2015 "A blueprint on how to reduce the number of prisoners in Michigan [...]

Toledo Blade: Downsizing prisons

Downsizing Prisons Toledo Blade | July 13, 2015 "Get-tough policies such as three-strikes laws, most of which took effect in the 1980s, have more than quadrupled the nation’s prison population in the past 40 years. Ohio’s prisons held fewer than 8,000 inmates in 1974, compared to more than 50,000 last year. The race to incarcerate [...]

June 2015 CAPPS report: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal

New CAPPS report lays out roadmap to safely reduce Michigan’s prison population On June 11,  CAPPS  announced the release of a new report titled: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal. This report examines the key factors that led to a striking increase in Michigan’s prison population over the last three decades, and recommends a [...]